Saturday, 22 August 2009

Windows 98-XP (on that old deb machine)

So after that ubuntu, I got out another hard dsik and ...

I just wanted a windows, so after a bit of editing it, (Opening it up and changing hard disks, jumpers etc.) I installed Windows 98 on it.

It was left like that for a while with me putting a few good aps on it and then I started getting annoyed with the fact that most of my programs were Xp+, so I borrowed an XP disk of a friend and put it on that PC.

Then I found out that that OS was a bit like a 30 day trial and I could only run it for more than 30 days if I 'registered it with microsoft'. But, I couldn't, because that particular PC couldn't get a connection to our router, so I tried the clock trick.

I changed the time to a year before the proper time and tried running the 'subscribe to microsoft' AP and it still said '29 days left' so, I gave up and did something else.

In that same session, for some stupid reason, I changed the clock forward 100 yrs and a bit after, I turned of the PC. When I turned t back on, I couldn't log-on beacase I was '100 years past the expiry date'. I could have pulled all my hair out in that second. I thought 'why didn't I go 100 yrs BACK in time' and that was the end of that OS.

Then, I left that PC alone for a bit, (again) and a while later, (6 months perhaps)
I got hold of another XP disk, this time, it was XP prof instead of the previous XP Home. I wasn't sure whether it was going to be a 30 day trial again or not.

So I booted the CD and started going through the installation and then I got to a stage where it asked for a code. At this bit, I didn't have a clue, the last one had the product-code on the box. But this CD didn't have a box, so I was stuffed.

Once again, I left it alone and one day I watched a more experienced computer tech use the XP disk onto another machine. And when he got to the product-code bit, he took the disk out, put it into another XP machine and browsed it finding a text document that had the product-code in it.

I was surprised and it worked, so when he was done with the disk, I took it and tried it on the old deb machine and it worked perfecttly on a 8gb hard disk. Thenn started using it and beaause I didn't have any essential programs (Firefox, An antivirus ...) so I went back to that old ubuntu disk put it in and put Blender, Firefox2 (old, but it works), a virus scanner and I was happily running XP.

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