Sunday, 23 August 2009


I'm gonna pause on the EP for a poll or two because I want to cover Kubuntu.

Not long ago I was in Wikipedia and I was looking at Ubuntu and I followed a link to the Kubuntu page. I liked it because it looked a bit like Vista. So I downloaded the .iso and burned it.

I tried it out on my 8 gig and It installed nicely. I started using it but the annoying thing was that it had very few basic APS so I got them and for me it was quite easy and I didn't mind beacause I liked doingthat kind of stuff.

Then somebody asked me if I could put ubuntu on their computer and since I had the kubuntu installer, I put kubuntu on it knowing that they wouldn't mind much.

At first it was kind of OK after I'd apped (put APS on) it with a few basics. But after a bit, the person who was using it started to get annoyed about all the incompatibility with normal ubuntu programs (the funny thing is, another person who had Kubuntu8 said that it should be very much ubuntu-compatible).

So, after several annoying problems, the person decided to just get ubuntu and that wasn't too hard to do. I just had to change the hard disk from computer to computer and back again.

So, I suppose the only thing I like/ed about kubuntu was the looks. But apart from that, Kubuntu9 was problematic for me.

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