Sunday, 23 August 2009

The latest on that (old deb) machine

In the last few posts I've been talking about 'that old deb machine' and here I finish of those stories by telling you what's happening with it.

Now I have 3 hard disks in it, A 40GB ubuntu/XP dual boot which is a so so, an 8GB XP hard disk working perfectly and a 2gb hard disk formated with NTFS from my first post which I use for backups.

On this post, as you have probably seen, is a picture of tat machine. It really does look like a piece of junk, doesn't it. You can see all the front parts, hard disks, drives. That's because when it was stolen, the cover was lost. But it functions just like any old PC, believe me!

I know this post is a bit unusual and short, but I just wanted to show you why I called this blog tecky-junk!


  1. Well in one of your posts you said your computer blew up and you couldnt remember how. I think it was because you switched the detonator switch (That red switch controls the voltage coming in and you gave it to much)

  2. I was young back then. And it freaked my out of my whits!