Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chrome-OS, and the Webstore

As you most probably are in full knowledge of: The Google Chrome Webstore came out a few weeks ago. I would have liked to write a review earlier, but I also think that the longer you wait, the more developed opinion you'll have.

I was waiting for Chrome-OS since the first rumours floated around. When there was a fake pretending to be Google OS, and then all the I-think-I-can-guess concept art. Then, at the beginning of last year, Google announced Chrome-OS as a completely Chrome-based operating systems, unlike what anybody predicted. Now they referred to it as Chrome OS, not as the Google Operating System.

Then at the Google IO, they showed off Chrome Web Store. From then on, I didn't care much if I got Chrome OS, or not. Because since Chrome OS is Chrome, and I can do more with my fast-booting desktop, why change?

The Chrome Webstore is now the one thing that truly makes Google Chrome different from all the other browsers. It is a message to developers to make better web apps, with nicer UI's and more capabilities than just a boring website. I admit most of the current apps are just bookmarks, but either they are bookmarks to apps that already have enough capabilities, or that the features are soon to come.

I really like the Chrome Webstore, and I really think that a web-angled operating system is just what we need.