Friday, 29 January 2010

Ubuntu Moblin and Netbook Remix

I am always trying out new operating systems. One day it's one thing and another day another. So don't be surprised when I jump from one to another. That's what I like. I love experimenting with operating systems!

Anyway, the day before yesterday, I installed Ubuntu Moblin Remix. My first impression was negative. It had a limited browser, unusual app-control, and a weird home screen.

But, yesterday, I started to see that it was quite flashy on my machine(which doesn't happen often), and that I 'remembered' that it's not even officially released! Give it a break!

Anyway, it started to get slow, I got sick of the lumpyness, and now I'm using UNR 9.10. I have used UNR Jaunty before and the mouse was really slow on me. But, it Karmic, not only is the DE a bit cooler, but the mouse is normal.

I actually really like the Netbook Remix 'desktop'. It's much faster and easier to use than the previous version. Canonical as done a good job with UNR 9.10.

Now I'm waiting for Lucid like a good geek!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Chrome OS working!

I'm using Chrome OS Everbody! Well, technically Chromium OS Zero, and I've got it up and running on my eeepc 900. ***! It just broke when I tried to install flash. oops!

I'm back on karmic now but chromium os zero is brilliant! It's not as good as chrome os is going to be later this year(I'm estimating from Google's info), but it works! I had to tweak it a bit(and will have to again), but when I had it was brilliant. It's got the Ubuntu  terminal so I am familiar with it.

If you like experimenting with operating systems, then try this out now! It's really fun to tweak and use!

Here is my chromium zero adventure(I haven't finished yet though!).

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Firefox 4?

I just installed firefox 3.6 on my EP 900 and frankly, I see no diffirence. Yes, it's a bit faster, yes, it has an interesting theme add-on for people who wan't to personalise their fox, but what else?

I'm waiting for firefox 4. It's gonna have some nice slick toolbars(I think), and if it does, I may even consider moving back from chrome!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


I finally got round to trying out jolicloud, a cloud-based netbook OS. On seeing the screenshots, I expected a new interface like moblin but slightly more 'desktopy'.

When I got it working(which it did do and did it well!), It went into an Ubuntu Netbook Remix Desktop with no add/remove and terrible when offline(which UNR isn't). To install and uninstall apps offline, you need to 'sudo apt-get' them, which I don't mind but isn't exactly what some would enjoy!

Reading all the posts that have been written about Chrome OS lately, I'm impressed. Speedy, Simple and Secure. I hope it is secure though! It's a big isk having all your personal data online.

So, my conclusion is, so far Jolicloud is getting itself nowhere, but it is Pre-Alpha, so I should really give it a break!

The new Opera

Ok, some say that opera is a bloated and slow web browser that's day is gone. Maybe that is true, but whether it will die or not, I think opera is getting the point. I tried out the 1.5 beta of opera and I liked it. By default, the menu bar is hidden and only the tab and navigation bar are there.

You can put it back, but I always liked as few toolbars as possible. And about opera's 'bloat', it makes it a maybe slow, but a reliable browser with java and flash built in.

Opera is picking itself up with this version.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


I thought Chrome OS would come out in October. Well, Firefox-OS has beat it to it. Allthough unheard of by many, this OS is a browser, an internet connector and a music player. And, it looks better than puppy!

I can't say much more than that. Try it out to find more info

Friday, 8 January 2010


Two days ago, my puppy linux on my white eee pc died(the desktop is blank when you boot). I could have tried to fix it or even reinstall puppy, but I decided not to. I am sick of the browsers on it.

So, I thought I should try out xubuntu. I had tried out X-Jaunty a while back and I didn't see any real diffirence. But this time I took a closer look. So, this morning, I got the .iso, used usb startup disk creator in ubuntu. Working fine. I installed it on my ep 700, booted. Really fast. And it worked.

So, I don't see much diffirence. The display settings take a lot longer to get your head round than ubuntu. I don't really care about that though! Xubuntu is about 2/3 of the size of ubuntu. But, it is fast! So far, it has not 'hesitated' at all. So, Xubuntu is fast!

I hope this post wasn't too short!