Sunday, 23 August 2009

My EP and Xandos

Here is a picture (not taken by me!) of my eeepc 901 and here I'm going to tell about Xandros.

When I got my EP, it had Xandrox on it and I liked it, it was OK apart from the fact it didnt have a proper desktop! It was mor like a mobile phone main menu!

Anyway, I was picky about it but since it wasn't so bad, I left it untill I (well, me and somebody else) found out about Advanced desktop mode, like Xandros but moe windows look orientated.

I liked the look of it so the guy who found out about it and I spent a few hours (a while) getting it onto the EP and we manged it. I liked it a lot and quickly learnt alll about all the menus and controls and all that fun stuff.

Then, after a while, I started looking for a way to put Windows APS onto it beacause most of my favourite programs were either only Windows compatible or Windos/Mac.

So, I looked around, and in about 5 seconds, I found something called Wine, a program to run Windows Aps on linux. Which was just what I wanted. The website info all looked fairly complex at first, but I managed to get my head round it, in about 30min I was running Wine.

It was great, I could now run Windows APS on my netbook and immediately I began getting game of the Internet to play!

Then I used my EP for a good while longer reinstalling the OS every so often (when it acted up!) and got a good shot out of xandros (Untill another idea popped into my head!). Well, that's all I'm gonna say in this blog, I'll tell you more about this shiny (with a bit of dust) piece of junk next time!

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