Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My EP continued: easy peasy

Here I'll tell you a little more and perhaps the rest of what's happening with my EP.

After I was finished with Xandros and ready to move on to something else I found out about 'Easy Peasy', Ubuntu for netbooks. After a bit I managed to get it and learned how to turn the .img file into a bootable USB stick using a pre-installed ubuntu AP called something like USB disk creator (if your using this as a tutorial, I probably got the name wong and I think for .img's you need another AP on the ubuntu site) and put it on a USB. Then I put it on my eeepc and started it up.

I was quite pleased to have Ubuntu for a change and was surprised at the way the netbok desktop worked but I prefered the classic ubuntu desktop so I switched to it. From then on it worked fine untill I rebooted and...

The toolbars didn't load, I got the background image but that was all. I tried several things but I couldn't fix it. So, I reinstalled the OS, I know that sounds a bit drastic but I did it and this time I just used the netbook-style desktop.

That worked out OK and I used it for a while happily. Untill another problem arose, when I reebooted it would ask me for the wireless rooter password and a linux keyring. But, something went wrong one day when the keyring password didn't wok and I couldn't do anything so I just gave-up with easy peasy and moved on to...

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