Saturday, 22 August 2009

My First Computer

A while ago, I got hold of an old computer, and I was really happy because it was my first computer. So, I set it up and turned it on. Then I found out it was windows 95, wth a 2gb hard drive and about 64mb Ram.

But, I still liked it, because it was my first computer. So, I installed my favourite program on it, which, at the time was "The Oxford Interactive Encyclopaedia" (it sounds cheezy, doesn't it!). I liked it at the time because it had a power-point like program on it, and then I loved powerpoint then.

So I was running it and iI started to look at the back of it and saw a little red switch next to the power plug (I suppose you can guess what happened next). I thought "ooh, what's this?", so I switched it and BOOM! the computer was dead.
And that was the end of my first computer.

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