Saturday, 22 August 2009

My first Experience with Linux

Once we had an old PC, which at the time, was in good condition, running W98 and it worked for about a year until accidentialy, somebody blew it up! I don't remember how, but it happened.
So, it was fixed and became the same old PC. Then it got stolen and whoever stole it dumped it in our front garden while we were away. So we picked it up and put it in a cupboard.
A while after, a year perhaps, it was taken out and out of curiosity of linux, debian was put on it. I used this debian machine for a bit, mainly interested in the games and after a while I got boored of it, unplugged it and forgot about it.
A while later, I picked it up again, plugged it in and started it up again with loads of new ideas about what to do on it. But, when I got to the login screen, I had forgoten my password! I tried it for ages several times wondering what it could be. And after a while, I gave up and got red of debian.
And that was my first experience with linux!

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