Saturday, 22 August 2009

My first look at Ubuntu (on that debian machine)

A while back, somebody was showing me their dual boot XP/ubuntu7 and at first I thought the ubuntu OS was rubbish beacause you couldn't put much software on it beacause it would all be made for windows. Then he told me that you could get the OS for free. When he said that, I laughed. But, to prove to me that you could, he ordered 3 CDs for me from the ubuntu website.

A while later I got the CDs and was really surprised. Then I read all the text on my CD cover (the other ones had been given away) and saw that it said it had Windows APS on it, one of them being Blender, an advanced 3D editor.

Anyway, a while later I got the 2gb hard disk out of that busted old W95 machine (2 posts ago) and stuck it into the deb machine and tried installing ubuntu7 on it. It was a nightmare, but, unlike most things, I kept at it. After a while, I managed to get to the end of the ubuntu installation (the part where it actually dumps it on your computer) and found out that 2gb wasn't enough.

So, I got out another hard drive, a 4gb this time and put ubuntu on it. It still took loads of restarting, but I managed it and when I had it I loved it! The history of that 'piece of junk' will hopefully be blogged in the next post.

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