Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chrome-OS, and the Webstore

As you most probably are in full knowledge of: The Google Chrome Webstore came out a few weeks ago. I would have liked to write a review earlier, but I also think that the longer you wait, the more developed opinion you'll have.

I was waiting for Chrome-OS since the first rumours floated around. When there was a fake pretending to be Google OS, and then all the I-think-I-can-guess concept art. Then, at the beginning of last year, Google announced Chrome-OS as a completely Chrome-based operating systems, unlike what anybody predicted. Now they referred to it as Chrome OS, not as the Google Operating System.

Then at the Google IO, they showed off Chrome Web Store. From then on, I didn't care much if I got Chrome OS, or not. Because since Chrome OS is Chrome, and I can do more with my fast-booting desktop, why change?

The Chrome Webstore is now the one thing that truly makes Google Chrome different from all the other browsers. It is a message to developers to make better web apps, with nicer UI's and more capabilities than just a boring website. I admit most of the current apps are just bookmarks, but either they are bookmarks to apps that already have enough capabilities, or that the features are soon to come.

I really like the Chrome Webstore, and I really think that a web-angled operating system is just what we need.

Friday, 10 December 2010

A Wave Goodbye

Their are certain applications that are are not a new idea all-together. Google Wave was one of those apps. And allthough I people are saying that it will be continued by other companies using Wave-in-a-box, I think that this is truly the end of the line for Google Wave.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Simplistic Ubuntu

Here I will show you how to run Ubuntu desktop, the simple way. Untill Chrome OS cmes out, I want my pc to run as simple as possible, so as to get the Chrome OS Feel!

Ok, First remove as many applications as you can. I removed all the games, open office, empathy, gwibber evolution (Replacing them with web apps: miniclip, Gdocs, Gmail, Ebuddy). And if you're really willing to dive in to the web: Gimp, Shotwell, Rythmbox, all browsers but Chrome/ium, etc.

Set desktop to show your Home directory: Hit Alt-F2. Type 'gconf-editor', go to Apps > Nautilus > Preferences, and tick desktop_is_home_dir. Close the window. Hit Alt > F2 again. Now type Xkill and left click on your desktop. It should reload Nautilus and you should see your Desktop showing your Home Directory.

Next, the Panel. First, delete your bottom panel. Then add Window list to you top panel. Remove the Applications, Places menu, and replace it with Ubuntu Menu. Now, remove all the launchers(make shortcuts for them instead). St the clock to just show the time on 24 hour mode. And last of all(for the panel), run htis command to remove Mail, and Indicator Icons from the panel:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-me indicator-messages

Now Alt > F2. Xkill. Click on the panel. It should look a lot simpler now.

Next, Go to Startup Applications, and remove as much as possible there(all that you think you can spare). Don't worry, making a mistake here won't wreck your system. It will just mean that you will have to go back to Sartup Applications, and re-tick what you removed.

And that, is about all. I will be posting much more often soon. Hopefully I can go back to my blog more often

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Mere-Cat

At the begging o October, I have started using the new Ubuntu 10.10 and here I am going to give you my (late) opinion of it.

I love the new Ubuntu font! I think it really gives Ubuntu some character, and is a lot less boring than the old font. Some of the letters actually remind me of the logo!

The backgrounds are getting better and better. Since Karmic Ubuntu has come with very good quality wallpapers, and the Maverick ones are very good.

Overall in the past few months, theming developers have been improving their themes. Many new and cool Ubuntu applications have come out making it have it's own when compared to other Operating Systems.

Now for the not so good stuff. I have been having terrible monitor problem since Maverick, and I am still trying to figure them out.

All in all, Maverick is not as big an update as Karmic of Lucid, but is definitely something worth getting!

Secure your Chrome Cookies

I have read a lot of online articles about browser security. How people can do scary things when you're not careful with your settings. And since I am not used to taking these kind of things with a pinch of salt, I take it seriously. Here is a simple method to stay on the secure side, and stay happy with chrome!

Go to Chrome Wrench(Spanner Button) > Preferences(of Settings). Go to The 'Under The Hood' tab. Click the 'Content Settings' button. Then click Block Sites from any Data, and 'Block all third-party Cookies without Exception'. And do not check clear all cookies when I close my browser. Now, when you try to sign in to a website and it won't sign in, there will be a little cookie icon in the right of the omni-bar. Click it. Then you will be able to tell chrome to allow the cookie.

All-though this Security Method sounds complicated, over time, Chrome won't get cluttered up. And you won't have to sign-in every time you open Chrome!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

My First Chrome Extension!

I started learning Chrome Extensions last week and haven't stopped since! And here is my first Chrome extension:

It's called Miniclip Improved. It fixes all the adds (removing their 'stains') on

Please Try it out!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

flash vs. html 5


HTML 5 is the new thing. Everybody is talking about it (well, the geeks are!). And there are arguments saying that html 5 is more power full than flash and will someday take over it.

When I first heard this argument I looked into it a bit! and decided that I prefered html 5 because it is open, unlike flash. I also preferred it because of the new elements:

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Google Chrome after-virus effect

Before the chrome problem:

Ok, I got a virus. I was sadly using Windows (I needed IE), and I went to a website which somehow got onto my system. It installed XP antimalware 2010 and basicly wrecked my machine.

So, I reinstalled. Which was surprisingly simple. Only a case of a booting CTRL > F10 and reinstalling. So, I then restored all my programs and files(which I had obvously backed up earlier). Then, I went into Google Chrome and went to one of my client's websites.

Then, the virus returned. Somehow, when it had primarily got onto my PC, it had found the registry file(lying around in my folder) with the username and password, and then redistributed itself. So, I changed all my passwords and blanked the contents of the website(I had a backup which I later restored to it, luckily!).

So, I removed the virus for a second time. I did not reinstall this time, because I didn't deem it necessary. But, that had concequences:

Opening Chrome:

So, I opened chrome after a victorious complete removal of the virus(so it seemed), and a popup came up saying I had a virus. At the same time Windows Defender(My favourite anti-virus) said there was a virus. But, when I killed the pop-up, defender was fine. I even did a full scan and it said it was fine. Ok, then ran msconfig and I found an odd startup application. Sadly I forgot the name. But I looked it up on the internet and it said it was a virus!

So, I found the file, removed it and rebooted. The problem persisted and the file was back!

I removed the file again, and it still persited, so I booted of a puppy linux cd, reached into the hard drive and deleted the file. Hey Presto! It worked.

The real problem:

Now, I opened chrome and it said loading. I was impatient so I opened another tab and hit the 'Home' button. Still, it did not work. It only did an odd thing to the bookmark toolbar. So, I tried firefox, and I accessed the internet.

Now everywhere I looked, the solution was to and --disable-sandbox, which worked. But not very well. For it also set loose bookmark sync which meant that you may randomly be brought to one of your bookmarks when you clicked on a links.

So I read further into 'sandbox' and it looked as if it disabled chrome's own little security 'firewall', which was the last thing I wanted. So, I removed chrome.

Don't worry! That wasn't my solution. In the end I found this forum post, which linked to this executable which removes the problem, and lets you browse with chrome in peace and with the sandbox on!

I hope this helps anyone out there!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

What I like about the Lynx

Ok, you have probably heard a-lot of things about the new Ubuntu, but this is just another one from a slightly different point of view. Here is my little list of things I liked(or disliked) about Lucid Lynx:
  • The New Theme: I hate purple. I absolutely detest it. But, after I saw the way it was used in this version, I think it works brilliantly with Ubuntu.
  • The Yahoo thing. You may have heard all the things they were going on about with Ubuntu switching to Yahoo, and I'm really happy they switched back(because I hate Yahoo Search!). The only good thing ever got from yahoo was geocities which is now gone!
  • Gbrainy: I agree, there were a little too many games in older versions of Ubuntu. I don't mind only having 6 games. I also think that gBrainy is worth 5 games in one!
  • The boot speed.  Now I thought Karmic was fast! Lucid is 10 seconds(literally!) booting on my machine.
  • Gimp: I love gimp. Use it daily, and I hate the fact that they got rid of it. To me F-spot is a rusty Picture Manager and terrible at editing. Ok, maybe get rid of Gimp. But at least bring in something like MsPaint!
Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. Other things to do!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Chrome: Web Developer's Paradise

If you have chrome and you have never gone Page > Developer > Developer Tools, You've missed half the cake. So far, almost all of my problems have been fixed using this built in 'program'. Waaayyy more powerful than firebug. I use it all the time. And I suppose all I'm saying to you is "try it out if you haven't tried it before!".