Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ubuntu Moblin Remix Review

I just read a ton of stuff about Ubuntu Moblin Remix and it looks awesome. A new stylish appearance and whoever desighned it's UI has taken a big step(risk) in taking away the task managing effects of Operating Systems.
It's UI is a bit like the I-phone, no window management(unless you want to!). It's a pretty cool Idea. It has it's own browser (based on firefox) and it looks really cool.

One thing I'm wondering is how much memory it takes, because if I try running it on a 4gb netbook, I'm wondering if I'll atleast have a gb to spare or if it will be the end of my memory problems?

The people who desighned the look and feel of this thing must have been pre-maccy dueds, because it really does have a similar UI to the mac and the toolbar gives the same feel!

I'm gonna try running it sometime on an EP700(Bizarre I know!) and see if it runs at a bearable speed or not because that will really show how slick and cool this Operating System really is!

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