Friday, 9 October 2009

In the back of a Computer

If you are a real tech, you would have been in the back of a computer swaring your head off trying to fix something and you broke a wire or you accidetialy left the power on when you were trying to fix the fan.

The only kind of person who never did this would have been someone who used macs. Even the early macs were only understood by the manufacturers.

But now, all computers are getting smaller (and cheaper) and more complex. Have you ever heard of a person who opened an I-pod shuffle, fixed it and put it back together again? or changed the hard-disk of their new nokia phone and survived? (we're talking about non-aliens by the way) I wouldn't think so.

Well, this new way, smaller and more complex can make you miss the way you used to clamber inside you're old dell machine to change the RAM, doesn't it? But the advantage is, people don't heve to fix things much, for two reasons. One, stuff usually works now and two, stuff is getting cheaper.

I still like to open up the old PC's and swap things, break things(not on purpose), or make them 20 times better than they were before. They should carry on making even the slim PCs the way they used to (updating of course) so that people have more of a chance of understanding these clever contraptions.

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  1. lol I have one of those old Dell computers (Dell Dimension 2400). I'm hoping to get a netbook for Christmas)