Thursday, 29 October 2009

Karmic Koala: Yet Another Review

Ok, at 3:00(GMT) today, I refreshed the ubuntu website and found out that Ubuntu Karmic Koala had finally been released. I only started using ubuntu in jaunty so I was kid of exited at this one!

So, I got the ISO(took me two hours for 610mb!) and put it onto my EEEPC-900. It booted slow on first boot then it told me that my battery was a piece of ***(not exactly) so I tested and within two minutes it took away 20%. At first I thought is was the OS but then I found, when I booted into puppy, that my battery really was a piece of *** unless,...(haven't tried that yet!). Anyway, the theme is cool, it does boot up faster(contrary to several ubuntu forum members' reports) but(but....) the famous Ubuntu Software Centre and Ubuntu One have either one problem or another.

Empathy and Evolution work like clockwork(is that the proper expression?) and just about everything works a tiny hint faster than Jaunty. So, apart form Ubuntu One, Software Centre and my blooming battery, Karmic is better than jaunty on my eeepc-900(linux edition).

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  1. Hey glad to see that Karmic is going out for you! Hope those bugs (like the battery) is fixed. Boot time is fast in VirtualBox with even 512mb (less than 20 secs.) I beta tested it and liked it alot