Saturday, 17 October 2009

A Little Wiki Thing

The other day, somebody told me about wikia and showed me their wiki. I liked it for one big reason, you don't have to sign in to edit it so I decided to try it out and created this wiki.

At first, I thought it was OK and then I began to get annoyed that the control of the wiki was all spread out and not simple like blogger, google sites or the long gone geocities. The ADs began to get on my nerves but I decided to keep at it and create a wiki with some relative content.

Anyway after that, I wikied(like googled but for wikipedia!) wikia and stumbled upon something called wikimapia(completely by accident). I went onto it and it turned out to be an open map. I had heard of something like it before on an episode of floss weekly. But, I tried it anyway. It turned out brilliant. As soon as I got ther, I added places I know. wikimapia is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Gmaps in most ways and it's nice to edit it without having to log in!

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