Monday, 5 October 2009

Google Wave: I'm dying for it!

Every single product that google has made has been brilliant: Gmail, Google Apps, Sketchup, Search(The Obvious One!), Earth... all of them are products that have been done by groups of clever people.

And now the new wave is coming, Google Wave, it sounds fantastic, it works in an entirely different way to mail, facebook, twitter and I bet that in one years time, there's going to be very few people not using it!

Here I'll tell you what I do know and have heard from places. First, it's going to be extremely popular(sorry for repeating), it'll bring out a completely new way to do it all using 'waves' of information instead of just small snippets sent to you which will mean that they'll be the only one, so unless someone makes an even better one at that time, there'll be no competition so it will become the only good 'waving' product.

I'm absotutely dying for it and seeing how it will affect Facebook, Twitter and All the others...

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