Thursday, 18 February 2010

My first 8 Operating Systems

Ok, in my next few posts, I am going to summarise all the operating systems I have tried, which will be extended into a public google document.
  • Debian: Ok, I don't know which version this was, and I didn't install it. But I played with it. And I liked the never-changed gnome games. The background is very good in debian but ubuntu did clean it up with it's 'debian' remix later on.
  • Windows 95. WOW!! I went back in time. Well, I hope you all know what happened to that computer.
  • Windows 98. This replaced debian on my 'Old Deb Machine', because I forgot the password(so secure, even the user can't get in!). I liked Windows a lot more then. I tried to make it look as close to XP as possible. But it just wouldn't do. So, as stubborn as I was, installed XP in the end:
  • Windows XP: I still have this 8b hard disk, and I run fsflight on it. I's lasted ages and I have tweaked it and actually made it run faster than my 40gb ubuntu! But, I still don't use it much!
  • Ubuntu 7.04. I still have the live CD for this. And it is unbelievably reliadble for system restore.  But,  back the, since I didn't understand linux, it took me a month to install it(which made me quite fed up)!
  • Kubuntu 9.04. I still love the looks of KDE. But, It ran so slow on my oldd debbie, I had to replace it with:
  • Ubuntu 9.04. Yes, this is when ubuntu really caught my attention. It was like the match that lit the chain(????).
  • Xandros. I got my hands on that eeepc 900 and I'm still typing on it now. I liked Xandros. It worked. Did what any normal person would want it too. But, it was a bit 'too much' like windows.
To be continued...

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