Thursday, 4 February 2010

Firefox and Chrome

I don't know about you, but I always get people saying 'Chrome is better because it' faster'. Now, here are my 'analisations', so to say:

Firefox is not going to die out, it is not a bad browser and, quite frankly, I would prefer Chrome to die out first! X-pud, or another Firefox OS is going to jump up and Mozilla will still sit head to head with Google. Google is not the only one to work on loads of projects. Seamonkey, prism, bespin are all Mozilla's work. Anyway, bottom line, Firefox won't Die because it is not a bad browser.

Here's a little review 'battle' I made. Please tell me what you think of it in the comments:

Firefo Pros:
  • It has much more sophisticated add-ons than Google Chrome.
  • Bookmark and history management is better.
  • Better Web App Support.
  • Installation of flash is easier(although flash is going out soonish!).
  • It's is actually smaller than Chrome at 9.2 mb.
Chrome Pros:
  • It only includes two tool-bars which means more screen space for the web.
  • Chrome has the equivalent of Mozilla Prism, Firebug and Personas built in.
  • Chrome is fast!!!
Firefox Cons:
  • It has a default of 5 toolbars.
  • It is slower than ChrWhy I don't prefer Chromeome.
Chrome Cons:
  • Every so often, I open a web page in Chrome and it's all loaded but it's white. To fix this I have to 'pretend' to select all the stuff on the page, go to another tab, go back and hey presto, a pain!
  • It is 12mb.

Well, that just about sums it up. All though Chrome is my default browser, Firefox is still a brilliant browser.

I know, I am not a very good writer. But, I'm trying to Improve!

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