Friday, 12 February 2010

The Great Adventure of my HD

Ok, I started with a 40gb three partition home hard drive: Ubuntu Home Folder, Ubuntu Root and an empty 16gb originally for Xubuntu. Then, the other day, I decided to experiment. I downloaded unetbootin, puppy linux and then...

I ran unetbootin with puppy linux using the ubuntu partition and accidentally primarily installed it on my /home partition. Ooops! Ok, I then did it again but on the proper(Xubuntu) partition. I rebooted. Puppy came along but, it was slow, was the only thing bootable and you couldn't save the session.

So, I realised that it was running the /home partition puppy, not the third partition. So, I deleted everything in that home folder except my user directory. Then, the next time it booted, it used the third partition and puppy worked fine.

Ok, then I decided I wanted a switcher, so I did this and followed through the links to here.

After that it all went looooooopppyyy!

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