Friday, 29 January 2010

Ubuntu Moblin and Netbook Remix

I am always trying out new operating systems. One day it's one thing and another day another. So don't be surprised when I jump from one to another. That's what I like. I love experimenting with operating systems!

Anyway, the day before yesterday, I installed Ubuntu Moblin Remix. My first impression was negative. It had a limited browser, unusual app-control, and a weird home screen.

But, yesterday, I started to see that it was quite flashy on my machine(which doesn't happen often), and that I 'remembered' that it's not even officially released! Give it a break!

Anyway, it started to get slow, I got sick of the lumpyness, and now I'm using UNR 9.10. I have used UNR Jaunty before and the mouse was really slow on me. But, it Karmic, not only is the DE a bit cooler, but the mouse is normal.

I actually really like the Netbook Remix 'desktop'. It's much faster and easier to use than the previous version. Canonical as done a good job with UNR 9.10.

Now I'm waiting for Lucid like a good geek!

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