Friday, 8 January 2010


Two days ago, my puppy linux on my white eee pc died(the desktop is blank when you boot). I could have tried to fix it or even reinstall puppy, but I decided not to. I am sick of the browsers on it.

So, I thought I should try out xubuntu. I had tried out X-Jaunty a while back and I didn't see any real diffirence. But this time I took a closer look. So, this morning, I got the .iso, used usb startup disk creator in ubuntu. Working fine. I installed it on my ep 700, booted. Really fast. And it worked.

So, I don't see much diffirence. The display settings take a lot longer to get your head round than ubuntu. I don't really care about that though! Xubuntu is about 2/3 of the size of ubuntu. But, it is fast! So far, it has not 'hesitated' at all. So, Xubuntu is fast!

I hope this post wasn't too short!

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