Thursday, 21 January 2010


I finally got round to trying out jolicloud, a cloud-based netbook OS. On seeing the screenshots, I expected a new interface like moblin but slightly more 'desktopy'.

When I got it working(which it did do and did it well!), It went into an Ubuntu Netbook Remix Desktop with no add/remove and terrible when offline(which UNR isn't). To install and uninstall apps offline, you need to 'sudo apt-get' them, which I don't mind but isn't exactly what some would enjoy!

Reading all the posts that have been written about Chrome OS lately, I'm impressed. Speedy, Simple and Secure. I hope it is secure though! It's a big isk having all your personal data online.

So, my conclusion is, so far Jolicloud is getting itself nowhere, but it is Pre-Alpha, so I should really give it a break!

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