Monday, 28 September 2009

Ubuntu CPU bug with fix!

A while back on my EP I got a bug that made my CPU level constanly 100% and I only knew one way to stop it, reinstalling! I got this several times and this time I didn't want to reinstall because of all the setting up and I only wanted to when karmic came out. So, I tolerated it for a bit running all my apps at a very low speed. And today I thought of something to try. Create a new user and kill the other one(moving everything across) and now it's fixed, I am really happy.

So, here is a step by step guide of how to get this stupid bug off your machine:

  1. Go to System > Administration > Users and groups
  2. Click the 'Unlock' button and put in your password.
  3. Click +Add User
  4. Put in your Username (a different one!) and a password(can be the same).
  5. Then (Before Creating), go to User Privileges and tick all of them(At least 'Administer the System' if anything)
  6. Go to the last tab and take note of the user code
  7. Click OK
  8. Close the users and groups window.
  9. Go into the terminal
  10. Type 'sudo bash'(be careful with 'sudo', you can wreck your system, I did once!)
  11. cd ~/
  12. nautilus
  13. Then you will find yourself in what looks like your file manager but is not.
  14. navigate to /home/(Your Current Username) and copy(not the hidden files unless you want the virus on two users!) all the files. Go 'Up' click on your new username file and paste, Merge All, Replace all.
  15. get out of that and in the terminal type 'chown (newusername):(newusername code) (newusername)/' then get out.
  16. get out, log out. Login as second user(no virus) and then tweak it to your heart's content.
Here is how to finish off neatly by auto login as the other one and completely removing the other one:
  • Go to users and groups, unlock and remove the user.
  • Type sudo nautilus(again) in the terminal.
  • Delete your old user's directory (/home/olduser).
  • Go Out
  • Go to System> Administraton> Login Window
  • Go to the security tab, enable auto login(if it's not already) and put your new username in the box(it a pop-down so you don't have to)
  • Then Put timed if you want
  • And Your Done!
If there were any problems, please comment on this post (or my newest one if i don't reply).

Hope This helped(I'd been looking for it around the Internet for ages!)

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