Sunday, 6 September 2009


Yesterday I was using firefox and was getting a bit annoyed that my friend couldn't play miniclip games on it (even though I had java), and I could only watch u-tube movies on it if I was running it in wine which crashed loads!

So, I tried safari (this is on Ubuntu Netbook Remix by the way) and followed the tutorial but when I clicked on it it didn't work! It did the screen jumped (a wine thing) and nothing else!

Then I went onto wikipedia and looked at the top browsers and saw IE (I hate it!), Firefox, Safari and Opera. So, I looked at opera and tried it. It was a big file, probably twice the sise of firefox and safari. Then I installed it, it worked fine and I clicked on it...

It was brilliant, u-tube worked, miniclip worked and everything was cool. It gave me more content than controls (which I liked!) and it was actually faster than firefox!

Then, I started typing this post a minute ago in opera after switching and tried to insert the 'O' image and when I clicked on the insert image button in blogger and it didn't work!

Now, that may not be Opera's fault, it may have been that the blogger 'New Post' html document was only made for IE, Firefox and Safari. Anyway, I'm finishing of this post with firefox and going back to my nearly fully functioning Opera!

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