Thursday, 17 December 2009


In the past few days, I have tried wiki after wiki after wiki. No PHP allowed sadly. And I have reached a little conclusion which I recently typed up and here it is:

This is the result of my wiki experiment . Here is my primary view of the wikis:

*  didiwiki: This is the first one I discovered. Very simple. Very wiki. Very good in all.

*  Tiddlywiki: HTML and js. No PHP and nothing else. It is very fiddly, flashy an all in all, I like it! Allthough it doesn't work with chrome, so...

*  fossil: I was gonna give up with this. But then I decided not to. And after loads of fiddlig, I managed it and it was perfect.

*  ComSwiki: Rather odd. Quite simplistic. I actually really like it compared to some wiki'progs. But, it's a bit bad!

*  Pier: Ok, like ComSwiki, it comes up like an operating system! But this time it's huge. It's got loads of odd apps in this 'OS', but when you go into the wiki, it's a cool, ok, simple wiki that's a bit fiddly.

Now, I've got a table with aa comparison of the wiki programs:

   wIkIs: |DidiWiki|TiddlyWiki|Fossil| ComSwiki: | Pier:    
Size      |   1    |    3     |  4   |    7      |   8    
Complexity|   1    |    3     |  5   |    8      |  10    
Oddity    |   7    |    8     |  3   |    4      |   5    
Fiddlyness|   5    |    7     |  8   |   9.5     |  10    

Conclusion: D,T,F,C,P

Ok then, all in all, in this file's current wikis, I prefer ... Fossil!

lol! Merry Christmas 2009-10!!!

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