Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Stallerium, a real-time star watcher

Some people think astronomy is a waste of time. Well, if you are reading this post and you have that opinion, get over it! Astronomy is a good interesting science!

Anyway, when I started looking into astronomy software, I found out that 99% of it was open source, and obviously Linux compatible.

So, I found two programs, Celestia and Stellarium. Celestia is a program like Google earth but for the whole universe and Stellarium is for viewing the stars at any time or place. At the time, I preferred Celestia. Now I prefer the well improved Stellarium which is in the screenshot on the top left of this post.

It has a more sleek, improved and out of the way interface(It's in full view in the screenshot though!) and now, you can view from any moon or planet in the solar system(and I think a little more)!

So, if you have any small interest in astronomy live in a place that is really cloudy, try out this!

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