Monday, 23 November 2009

I'm Runing Chrome OS

gdgt gave away a chrome OS .vmdk so that people could try out Chrome OS as a virtual machine and I downloaded it. Ok, then I got VMplayer as gdgt suggested and tried fiddling around with it(I had never played around with virtual machines before mid you!) I tried a few things with VMware Player and none of them worked. So I tried using VMware Workstation and guess what, that didn't work either. I also tried using them both together and that didn't work either! So, I gave up.

No, not really, otherwise this post wouldn't be entitled "I'm Running Chrome OS", now would it! Anyway, I then went back to gdgt's website and decided to try out the usb version and... It took another few hours to download it. When I finally had it(I had already downloaded about a GB so far all to come to waste so I was not exactly happy!), so I tried the README instructions in  the unzipped 'usb' file. Guess what, they didn't work!

So, I was really giving up now. I then decided to try and turn a .vmdk file int a .iso or .img which I could have then dealt with but... that didn't work! Then, I tried using Virtual Box to run the .vmdk file. It worked! Everything ran smoothly and I am posting this from the chrome OS!

Ok, true review time. In the virtual box, it runs extrwemely slow. But, it works! It has a nice interface and works fine but for the video. I like it and I'm waiting for 2-10!

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