Friday, 20 November 2009

Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS is gonna be the best cloud operating system. Yesterday Google let out some Chrome OS news and I watched and read anything I could find on it. So, my first opinion is that it is completely different.
The main thing about it is that it is extremely cloud integrated. All the apps apart from the slim file manager, notepad and maybe a few other apps are web apps. Google Docs, Mail, Twitter, all web apps.

Now, Google chrome OS is not now, it is in a year's time. I can't wait for it. It's waaaay simpler than moblin and it is absolutely awesome. Now, this gives some questions: Is This going to change the world? OK, you need two things to change the world, a grab on the world(Google, no power? No control? They have already got loads of people's attention so far) and something that can change it, chrome OS, a powerful cloud integrated operating system that is fast, simple and secure.

So, what is gonna happen to Windows 7? Ubuntu? Nothing. They will change and develop but they will not go. There will be two kinds of operating systems: More HD integrated and more cloud integrated.

Web Apps, what are these? G-mail, Docs... I just found several good ones here:

  • pixilr - It's like gimp online
  • - mind map creator
  • mimiclip - games
  • and it just keeps going....

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