Saturday, 1 May 2010

What I like about the Lynx

Ok, you have probably heard a-lot of things about the new Ubuntu, but this is just another one from a slightly different point of view. Here is my little list of things I liked(or disliked) about Lucid Lynx:
  • The New Theme: I hate purple. I absolutely detest it. But, after I saw the way it was used in this version, I think it works brilliantly with Ubuntu.
  • The Yahoo thing. You may have heard all the things they were going on about with Ubuntu switching to Yahoo, and I'm really happy they switched back(because I hate Yahoo Search!). The only good thing ever got from yahoo was geocities which is now gone!
  • Gbrainy: I agree, there were a little too many games in older versions of Ubuntu. I don't mind only having 6 games. I also think that gBrainy is worth 5 games in one!
  • The boot speed.  Now I thought Karmic was fast! Lucid is 10 seconds(literally!) booting on my machine.
  • Gimp: I love gimp. Use it daily, and I hate the fact that they got rid of it. To me F-spot is a rusty Picture Manager and terrible at editing. Ok, maybe get rid of Gimp. But at least bring in something like MsPaint!
Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. Other things to do!

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