Friday, 29 October 2010

Simplistic Ubuntu

Here I will show you how to run Ubuntu desktop, the simple way. Untill Chrome OS cmes out, I want my pc to run as simple as possible, so as to get the Chrome OS Feel!

Ok, First remove as many applications as you can. I removed all the games, open office, empathy, gwibber evolution (Replacing them with web apps: miniclip, Gdocs, Gmail, Ebuddy). And if you're really willing to dive in to the web: Gimp, Shotwell, Rythmbox, all browsers but Chrome/ium, etc.

Set desktop to show your Home directory: Hit Alt-F2. Type 'gconf-editor', go to Apps > Nautilus > Preferences, and tick desktop_is_home_dir. Close the window. Hit Alt > F2 again. Now type Xkill and left click on your desktop. It should reload Nautilus and you should see your Desktop showing your Home Directory.

Next, the Panel. First, delete your bottom panel. Then add Window list to you top panel. Remove the Applications, Places menu, and replace it with Ubuntu Menu. Now, remove all the launchers(make shortcuts for them instead). St the clock to just show the time on 24 hour mode. And last of all(for the panel), run htis command to remove Mail, and Indicator Icons from the panel:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-me indicator-messages

Now Alt > F2. Xkill. Click on the panel. It should look a lot simpler now.

Next, Go to Startup Applications, and remove as much as possible there(all that you think you can spare). Don't worry, making a mistake here won't wreck your system. It will just mean that you will have to go back to Sartup Applications, and re-tick what you removed.

And that, is about all. I will be posting much more often soon. Hopefully I can go back to my blog more often

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